Get Ridiculous Offers
My friends and I would always see who could find the best deal for lunch, it got so annoying typing in Check out the deal at so and so... that we began typing in the simple term gro. Everyday I get a text that says something like gro Pizza hut.. much easier. lol brb ttyl lmao
by stevage8415 May 10, 2011
Short for grocery store. Grocery store, or supermarket can be so cumbersome, so say it shorter.
Hey hun, I'm goin' to the gro, anything you want?
by Leif June 22, 2005
a female bro
dude my girlfriend is being so gro right now.
by Yoorb Mann January 30, 2009
one who uses his pimp-like skills to attract the ladies
That gro just smakced his bitch
by Leroy Brown October 16, 2003

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