(v.) - to dump someone on christmas eve, or steal someone's christmas
Sophie sure grinched Peter last Christmas
by Demosthenes111 June 16, 2011
A person who is intolerant, irrational, oppressive, fanatical and is nearly unapproachable to convince otherwise.
Parents are sometimes a bunch of grinches.
by dmon8u December 25, 2008
to steal christmas/holiday lawn decorations, with ill-willed intent, usually done with a car
we grinched these lights, and then made a bong out of a baby Jesus we stole while we were grinching
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
Breaking up with a significant other right before Christmas break.
"Yo, James pulled a grinch right before she left."
by Trofa January 06, 2015

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