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A term used around the Christmas holidays instead of weed.
It's Christmas Eve lets go smoke some grinch.
by Tree Smoker February 09, 2009
very scetchy person who comes out of no where. Turns green when intoxicated. Loves drunk girls and puts them in weird situations and loves to give even the soberists of a person the creeps.
Oh shit guys the grinch is here.
by gangis January 30, 2007
to have an ear to ear smile. may or may not have a creepy association.
tam, your damn grinch smile makes me horny.
by sex gremlin June 03, 2004
Another slang for marijuana.
1) Man, light up that grinch. I wanna get stoned.
2) Lets go smoke some grinch.
3) Man i'm high off grinch. You gotta get some of this.
4) I got some killa grinch. You want some?
by exrev December 10, 2010
simply weed. not very common name but, sounds cool.
buyer : yo man, can i get a pinch of that grinch?

dealer : yeah man, drop $10
by autismkid February 07, 2010
1. to gripe or complain about stuff peripheral to holidays (e.g. traffic, crowds at the mall, etc.)

2. a person who incessantly does the above, year after year
Don't be such a grinch!
by foltor August 08, 2005
(v.) - to dump someone on christmas eve, or steal someone's christmas
Sophie sure grinched Peter last Christmas
by Demosthenes111 June 16, 2011