Someone that destroys or attempts to destroy other peoples fun for the sole reason that they are not having fun!

Usually results in the people around the act of grinch having more fun because the act was rather amusing!
George you Grinch!

Kerr: Argh, Im not having fun soo neither can anyone else here!
The congregation: Stop Grinching!
by Jeffery Clarke August 15, 2010
for something to be ugly / disgusting / putrid. From when the phrase "you look like the grinch" was said to an ugly person
"I would tap that... no man, she's grinch"
"what the fuck is up with this place, its proper grinch"
"This coffee is grinch, lets go to starbucks"
by JameZ! February 01, 2010
Someone who not only hates Christmas, but makes it miserable for everyone else. They may steal or valdalize your decorations that are outside your home, somehow steal your gifts, provoke the department store Santa, torcher kids waiting to see Santa or steal money from the bell ringers outside the stores. A grinch basically is as huggable as a cactus.
A grinch is a horrible person and makes you want to serve them a nice cup of hot chocolate with a lump of arsenic. Ebenezer Scrooge, in A Christmas Carol, is a good example.
by krock1dk November 25, 2009
A term used around the Christmas holidays instead of weed.
It's Christmas Eve lets go smoke some grinch.
by Tree Smoker February 09, 2009
A strange, ravaging person who has an extremely slutty and hott mom (Bee). A person of this nature aquires the following traits: eats dead animals, steals peoples gifts/christmas, has the face structure of the classic cartoon the grinch, is bipolar, and doesn't sleep. Hissing, biting, and spitting are common behaviors.
The grinch didn't talk to anyone this week. He must of been in one of his depressed states.
by G Tyme February 11, 2008
very scetchy person who comes out of no where. Turns green when intoxicated. Loves drunk girls and puts them in weird situations and loves to give even the soberists of a person the creeps.
Oh shit guys the grinch is here.
by gangis January 30, 2007
A woman, with delusions of adaquacy and a poor attiude toward everyone.
Suzzii, surveyed the room and sneered at every eye that met her's
by A. Lee September 10, 2004

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