To receive head, or to get domed up on Christmas eve or Christmas....

"Hey baby, give me some grinch and it might be a white christmas this year"
by Ryan Holleran December 24, 2008
Any person who does evil stuff or isn't nice to other people.
"I'm not the grinch. I only cheated on you."
by Diego August 21, 2003

1) To steal needless shit

2) To be known to steal needless shit often
" She just grinched like 5 lighters from the gas station"

" I hate bringin her over she's such a grinch always cuffin beers from the fridge"
by MrNiceGuy1987 August 09, 2009
bloody hell, everyone hide, its the grinches coming up the path again
by Childofbodom January 06, 2007
a dirty fuckin 7' tall kid.
i"don't call him grinch, his name is Kevin"/i
by annonymous May 04, 2004
someone with a "green" personality, likes to work independently, doesn't like BS so therefore tries to end it, does what he has to SOMETIMES bitching about it, doesn't liked to be f'd with, gets crap done, stands their own ground and doesn't want or need others to help do so.
Tyler's a grinch, so he can hold his own.
by vxvxvxvx December 08, 2011
After doing a girl doggystyle, you pull out, spit on her back and when she turns around, you cum on her face and she makes a face just like The Grinch
Girl: He spit on back and I thought it was cum so I turned around and got a faceful of cum.
Friend: I bet you looked like The Grinch
by majinvegetadbz September 07, 2010

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