to steal christmas/holiday lawn decorations, with ill-willed intent, usually done with a car
we grinched these lights, and then made a bong out of a baby Jesus we stole while we were grinching
by satanhitler November 29, 2003
Top Definition
Grinch (which is a hairy creature) is a word used to describe a hairy/swetty/smelly vagina.
Her Grinch vaginacuntbeavermuffmingetwat smelt like a fish counter on a hot day.
by V--dog October 03, 2010
A mythical creature that lives in a cave on a mountain. This may used as an insult towards someone, if the person is very aggressive and has no good morals or someone who likes to steal other peoples things.
Aidan: Hey Kelsey, why did you steal my shirt and my 10 bucks?

Kelsey: Because I'm a grinch.

Aidan: Yes, you are indeed a grinch.
by oceangang69 October 11, 2014
Slang word meaning cunt from the How I Met Your Mother episode: How Lily Stole Christmas.
Ted: On Marshall's answering machine Hey, Marshall. Still moping on the couch about Lily? Forget about her. You need to get over that Grinch.
Older Ted: Flashback But I didn't say Grinch. I said a bad word. I said a very, very bad word...
Ted: Oh, fudge.
Older Ted: Flashback But I didn't say fudge.

Ted: She took the decorations? That Grinch!
Older Ted: Flashback That time I really did say Grinch.
by Mike Stark June 10, 2014
De grinch verpest kerstmis. Niet te verwarren met een snitch.
"Oh nee, de grinch verpest kerst!"
by Skere December 03, 2015
Verb, to ruin everyone else mood, much like when the grinch stole christmas. See also, grinching
Yo man everyone's having a good time, why are you grinching?
by kayline87 October 13, 2008
(v) To take down the tree and other Christmas decorations in one's home. In obvious reference to the Grinch.
person1: Have you grinched your house yet?
person2: We've taken down everything except our outdoor lights, which we're doing next weekend.
by cyuzik January 02, 2008
someone who, not just hates Chritsmas, but tries to ruin it for everyone else
How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a perfect example.
by krock1dk December 11, 2007
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