To beast. To beast on food, opportunity, a sport/game, a particular skill, etc.
Bill: Dude, you wanna go to the buffet?
Henry: Ya man, I'm gonna greez.
by Dranard April 16, 2011
Top Definition
To do bad upon someone, usually but not limited to, a friend or associate.
Dude I used your football yesterday, and popped it.

Aww greez bro.
by AntiCraka September 30, 2010
The act of sexual intercourse.
Feeling a little bit aroused Tyrone uttered the following phrase to his chiq: Lemme greez ma
by Bane Rivera March 25, 2004
greez means that somethings cool(bad)
them trainers u got tha uva day are pure greez
by dat-gal-chez May 29, 2008
an obese unkempt male. usually associated with fast food employment. not well groomed, showers rarely if at all, with mildew and a variety of fungi growing among his rolls of lard. most likely to live alone and work at esablishments such as mcdonalds or arbys for most of his adult life. most males affiliated with this term will live in their parents basements till they die or kill themselves from the digrace of their pathetic exsitence
person 1: dude you remember that one kid from high school in our chemistry??

person 2: yeah dude, what about him?

person1: i heard hes a total greez now

person2: hahah thats so sad man
by ashlie gray January 30, 2008
The act of deficating; often used in conjunction with doog
Don't go to the bafroom - I just greezed a big ol' doog.
by Skinny January 14, 2005
to defame someone, usually intentionally, as a joke or to hurt someone. Usually grounded in some sort of truth.
"Cathy is a sluuuu"
"It's the truth tho"
"Yah you're right"
by PF Chang May 03, 2010

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