Short hand for good ref dawg. When someone makes a funny or appropriate allusion or reference to an unrelated topic during a conversation. It's like giving props to someone for bring up something obscure.
Person 1: Saying the Japanese earthquake is revenge for Pearl Harbor is like saying it's revenge the treatment of Tom Selleck during the first half of Mr. Baseball.

Person 2: GRD.
by wizard of ahhhhs March 17, 2011
Top Definition
Short for "Gang Rape Dungeon". A scary bar or club that is seedy and filled with society's "leftovers" at the end of a night. May involve a perilous escape and the the contracting of a variety of communicable diseases without even making contact with anyone.
Dude that place last night was a total GRD - the only light was either the DJ's computer's glowing apple logo or the end ember of a disgusting home rolled Drum cigarette.

:: Dan sits down on a couch in a GRD :: GREAT! Now you've got herpes...
by JellyRockstar June 20, 2012
"Get 'r done". A contraction of "get her done". The phrase generally means something close to "let's get started" or "let's go!" in regards to starting or accomplishing some task. The phrase has some underlying sexual innuendo, but in most uses of "GRD" the term "her" could easily be replaced with "it" -- "get it done".
"We've got 500 pounds of hay to bale. Let's GRD."
by Michael Clark March 01, 2005
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