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An element of the Hip Hop culture misinterpreted and misrepresented by the mainstream media, and most especially hated by affluent (usually white) businessmen who don't understand the roots or meaning of the writing on the walls.

Contrary to popular belief, Graff is NOT any of the following: writing on houses of worship, people's houses in general, other writer's names, or tombstones. The aforementioned need not be identified with bus, train, subway and wall burners. That's REAL graffiti, the visual aspect of Hip Hop accompanied by the physical (breakdance), verbal (emceeing), and rhythmic (turntablism).

Since Graffiti is an element in Hip Hop just as important as DJing, MCing and Breaking, any assault on Graffiti (i.e., calling it "vandalism", "not art", etc.) should be viewed as an assault on Hip Hop altogether.

From the beginning, the powers that be have sought afte the destruction of our culture, from transit authorities chasing after writers, to housing police harassing people at block parties, to lawsuits being filed against DJs for sampling ("copyrighted" material). Now it may seem like everything is okay since Rap has hit the mainstream, but the major corporations threaten its existence every day. Remember the last Rap video you saw on TV. Did you see any tags, any DJs working the wheels of steel, any B-Boys tearing up the floor, any MCs really rocking the party? Or was it just images of scantily clad females, guys flashing their "bling", and "gangstas" shooting their guns off? Chances are it was the latter, the money-making gimmick that corporations such as MTV make money off of today.

These very same corporations, usually headed by conservative individuals who "care" about their buildings, are the organisations which lobby for tighter anti-graffiti laws. So it may seem that "Hip Hop" is all well with mainstream America, but they're actually destroying us from within, in more than one way.
Long live Graffiti!
by jAwN June 29, 2004
An art form that is now dead for these reasons
- Its now a felony

- Having marijuana is less of a crime
- Stores lock there paint up in cgaes

the only people who can paint have to be rich
- Its so mainstream

It used to be if you painted graffiti you improvised but now people are making millions of punks who think they can paint
- All OG writers are now dead, drug addicts, or too damn scared
graffiti is dead if you want to see how real graffiti is watch the movie piece by piece or read the book spraycan art
by ashhat1 May 19, 2012
a peace of art but people treated as something that is really bad so because of that people define it as a felony witch is not true because a lot of define it as art.
if they see a wall with graffiti letters people think is really bad so they don't agree with it.
by sivek June 08, 2010
The act of marking a surface with markers/mops,aerosol paint,bucket paint,tar,scratching the surface,etc. It is usually done illegally on private or public property. Legal work is not graffiti, it's graffiti influenced art. Graffiti has exsisted since cave drawings, but modern graffiti (other than gang graffiti) didn't begin until the early to mid 60's in philly.It is often misunderstood by the mainstream as being hip-hop. Graffiti is an important part of hip-hop, but hip-hop is not an important part of graffiti. It exsisted way before hip-hop. There is no one type of person(writers) who creates graffiti. People of every race,religion,gender,age,sexual oreintation,or social class participate.
look to the streets for examples of graffiti.
by roo83 June 02, 2009
A fun illegal crime that involves ruining walls with profanity
Mickey your under arrest for doin graffiti on public property
by Mickey_M.... November 26, 2010
writing your name or given name on a wall. usually done in big bubble like colorful letters. and urban art form. toronto bombshelter big word up. hype hype hype hype hype
you gonna come do graffiti tonight?
by hype_graff July 03, 2009
guerrilla art.
graffiti fucks the man by making "counter culture" messages available to everyone through killer aesthetics: murals, stencils, etc. graffiti is NOT just vandalism.
by raychalz April 05, 2009
A free expression of ART! whos artists are pushed down by the mainstream cultures of our world, but it wont ever stop people from expressing themselves through graffiti. its not vandalism as sum people say, its more a free art show for all you matrix mutha fuckers out there, so just shut up and enjoy it!
dick: those vandals sprayed graffiti all over my wall *waa waa waa etc etc*
passer by: Fuck up and enjoy it u matrix mutha fucka!
by Ners January 05, 2008

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