According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, graffiti is “an inscription or drawing made on some public surface…a message or slogan…” As an artist, graffiti provides a platform for self-expression, in which the context of urban existence is directly informed, referenced and influenced by. As a student, graffiti was the only art form that provided representation of my community, my music, and my values. As an educator, graffiti has the potential to engage youth with familiar priorities of urban identity, agency, and navigation. I propose graffiti is a containment of identity, as defined by Margot Waddell, by allowing me to build an identity based purely on the merit of my efforts, liberating me away the marginalization of my physical identity. “Tagging is not simply an act of vandalism or violence; it is a social practice with its own rules and codes – a literacy practice imbued with intent and meaning.” – MacGillvray & Curwen

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by Kane One October 06, 2010
what people usually call graffiti was originally called writing, the art of distorting letters

graffiti-the art of wasting space on a perfectly good wall i couldve wrote on
"look at that crappy writing on that wall"
"dont call that trash writing its just sum poser doing graffiti"
by drunkamakazi November 04, 2007
vandalism/ destruction of private property consisting of usually illegible nonsense painted or written in public areas. usually committed by borderline illiterate yo boys, hip hop retards, and chavs
take a ride through a crappy neighborhood- enjoy the graffiti
by drschmitty December 24, 2008
Art. Graffiti is a way to express your self through a can of Krylon, a Streaker, a Crink, or a Beaker.. Outlines, Throw-Ups, Pieces, Bombs, Tags, Connecters. It's a way of life, Dangerous but it's life.
Did you see that Eres Bomb on the Church Wall? That was sick.
by Grug-Fee-tee -Graff- October 01, 2003
Commonly misspelled as grafitti, graffitti, grafiti, etc. Learn how to fucking spell it, and then maybe someone will respect your piece.
I write mad graffittiee!
by KMS1 June 21, 2005
Vandalism of public property in the form of words or pictures, often with spray paint or magic marker.

Usually contains tags, the artist's name, to mark his/her or his/her group's territory. Graffiti also contains messages of rebellion, anarchy, promotion of drug use and racial hatred.

Writing is almost always stylized and is commonly written in large bubble letters or twisted lines that overlap each other and contain sharp serifs.
Did you see that mad graffiti down by James and King?

Yeah that shit's tight! Musta taken him all night.
by Bluehawk October 15, 2005
urban art rocking the world of hella people
the frisco writers are ill(m.s.k a.w.r
1810 l.t.s
by ghostero April 14, 2004
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