It means grandpa for those who can't text proper English.
Liz: My gpa is flying in here monday.
Jay: Your grade point average? What?
Liz: Grandpa
Jay: Oh, alright.
by JustinAngel July 02, 2011
Top Definition
Overated system for determining a students intelligence but on occasion it does reflect a person's brain power. Designed primarily for parents and children with weak egos. Generally ignored by students with actual intelligence.
Mark: My GPA is 3.98, everyone will soon love and respect me.
Dave: (Punches Mark)
Mark: Um.....My GPA is only a general indicator of my ability to navigate the school system and irrelevant to my actual intelligence.
Dave: Your getting smarter everyday.
by m1z_w1z_11 August 29, 2005
(Short for "grade-point average".)

1. The average of a student's grades, or school marks, over a period of time.

2. A student's mark in the 4-point American grading system.
n. "Most colleges require a 4.0 GPA for admittance."

n. "Tom's GPA was so low, he was unable to participate in school activities."
by Caltha. March 21, 2004
At Queen's university in Kingston Ontario, the engineering jackets are called GPA's. This stands for Golden Party Armour. Their traditions involve dying the jackets purple and slamming them on the ground in front of cars. All this must be done while very drunk.
Man, those engineers are so cool. Look at their beautiful purple GPA's. I wish I was smart enough to be an engineer.
by Alan Partington March 23, 2004
General Pursuit of Ass
while away at school be sure to always keep that GPA up.


my GPA has been low, i need to get drunk.
by thejuicethejuice September 15, 2009
Grade Point Average. The grade point average is a weighted average based on the grades you receive in each course, weighted by the number of credit hours for that course.
Candidates must demonstrate a cume g.p.a. of 3.8 to be granted further consideration.
by bob 'a' March 25, 2004
a shorter or slang version of grandfather or grandpa
g-pa just bought me a car for no reason
by shippo December 08, 2004
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