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One who primarily wears black socks. Drinks only four kinds of alcholic beverages, in this order; Free, whiskey, beer, tequila. Replaces the 'L' in a word for an 'R' for no particular reason at all. Loves buffalo sauce and chicken wings. Knows how and has played the game 'AWESOME'. Only labels things as being 'GOzillionaire' correctly. One who can spell 'GOzillionaire' correctly. Must have all.

Black socks. Cheap black t-shirts. Anything that can be purchased at a reasonably low price, but is still awesome and amazing to own. A lifestyle. Something that costs an unbelieveable amount of money.

One who tolerates "CROW!, shark, lobster, free, red, mallard, same person!"
Makes you feel like a GOzillionaire!
Got my GOzillionaire socks on!
It cost about a GOzillion dollars.

Forest Gump - The original GOzillionaire
by CROW! November 08, 2011

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