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A sub-sect of the Potter Verse created by those who have a yen for one Hermione Granger. Or anyone else who has a pulse and has seen a magazine in the last 5 years. Usually those who day dream to excess about "Hermione Granger bra-less on a warm summers day". A nerdy lot to be sure, but more die hard loyal fans, there are not, anywhere else to be found. Those proud few who would in fact eat their way through a boxcar filled with ex-lax and hold their farts indefinitely for a chance to bask in her reverent glow.
"I'm thirsty, what you got?" D-Bag One says.

"I've GOT GRANGER!" replies D-Bag Two.

Death of a Virgin Nerd: "If only I had GOT GRANGER on myself in time"!!!
by SpicyJew79 July 18, 2011

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