An abbreviation of Gambian Maybe Time. Refers to the system of time used by Gambian drug dealers. This system operates through a synthesis of optimistic time keeping and sheer apathy towards the customer. Although a precise written system is difficult to establish due to the complex nature of G.M.T, there are conventional assumptions usually made about the Gambians estimation. Five minutes is usually interpreted as twenty minutes and multiplied accordingly. However, this system is unreliable as G.M.T varies by environment, weather, micro-climate, lunar alignment, location and must importantly, the amount of money that is to change hands. Rare cases have been noted where Gambians have travelled vast distances in times thought impossible for human beings when asked to supply over 1OZ.
"How long did Horus say"?

"Half an Hour"

"Okay, G.M.T"?
"Let's catch a film".
by Anoomalyman December 23, 2012
Top Definition
getting me tight, also known as getting upset.
he say he don't want the static but he GMT
by lalaleelala July 06, 2013
Scottish time that the UK adheres to. should be scrapped by England adopting CET time.
fuck nostalgic scotland, let them keep GMT for themselves! we should modernise by adopting CET!
by GMT Sucks November 29, 2004
Gnash My Teeth. Deriving from Mary Shelley's Novel Frankenstein. The Character Victor Frankenstein constantly gnashes his teeth when something is wrong. Generally used when something unpleasant occurs.
Oh my God! I haven't even started! GMT!!!
by 12Adv March 01, 2011
G= Give
M= Me
T= That

Givveee me thatt!
"yo look at that dank."

and that high nigga says "G.M.T puss!"
by that Dank November 05, 2010
The most elite organization ever. Stands for Guys with Mully Tools. The members are the most suave, debonair, badass guys ever. They know how to treat the ladies and everything they do is slick.
"He is so sweet and awesome," she thought. "He should roll with G.M.T."
by The Josh's April 15, 2005
Abbreviation that originated in Luton used to shorten the expression: 'Gay Man Ting'. This can confuse teachers when going through Geometric Sequences (which is definitely a GMT)
You going Brighton with her yea!? That's a GMT mate!
by AnonymousGMT November 30, 2011
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