Means Goofy Mother fucker
Jackleg Harold is a gmf
by FKS August 31, 2007
Top Definition
Abreviation for Gay Mother Fucker
Why does that gmf keep lookin' at Kenny's ass?!
by Cherri-Berri November 19, 2004
Stands for: Give me f*cking strength.
Jenny: I just updated my Facebook status to, 'had an amazing pedicure'.

Barbara: GMFS.
by BettyandVeronica January 31, 2011
Geek Mother Fucker
That William Hung kid is a GMF
by Labelle June 04, 2004
It Means Giant Midget Feces
Girl: get away from me u GMF

Guy: im not a midget
by fireisapleasure October 18, 2006
Acronym for the saying: GTFO My Face
Jake: Hey, please give me a 1337 b0x.
James: Nigga, gmf.
by Jarulez April 16, 2005
A text message - Greetings my friend
I sent a text message to an old acquaintance the other day - gmf
by Criostoir Hulme September 08, 2005
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