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Grin In Silence

When you aren't actually LOLing you can GIS. Some people think that when you write LOL you have to actually be laughing out loud. They might call you out on this. If you know someone like that, use this acronym instead, it's safer.
Person 1: (semi-funny joke)
Person 2: GIS
by Bananzattack May 12, 2009
15 46
Google image search.
by w00tw00t April 05, 2003
297 87
Geographical Information System, means I can spend the whole day drawing maps and get paid for it!!!!! Also pronunciation wise (Jizz), can be quite rude.
Could you GIS that?
by Sum of Sam August 11, 2003
198 76
Google it Stupid! A response for those stupid questions.
Q:What do I do with a bin and cue file?
A: gis!
by Allied September 01, 2004
6 9
Get It Studied

Branched from the Term GIP to encourage that someone should get something studied!

The advice one gives to one's friends if they have noticed that their friend is too lazy to commence in school work...
Person 1: Awww...I really can't be bothered studying for that math test :/
Person 2: GIS!
by Mr. John David Person August 22, 2011
12 17
gis - short for "give us" which actually means "give me"
Alrigh' Deco, gis a shot of yer bike.
by womoma April 17, 2005
47 117
Giggle in secret.
Me: You're hawt. Wanna go to a movie?
Her: GIS Sure. :)
by Lozer T. User August 31, 2005
11 122