Also "Giffy", "Gifford" and "Dr. Gifford".

"Giff" 1. Nickname of person (usually with surname Gifford). 2. Minor curse "Oh what the giff!?" 3. Used to denote something bad or unpleasant "He's done a giff all over the carpet!"
"What the hell are you doing you big stupid giff?!"
by BJD June 19, 2004
Top Definition
Girl I Fuck Frequently
dude 1: wanna go to the bar tonight?
dude 2: naw man i gotta see the GIFF tonight.
dude 1: Get someeeee
by Softballa8768 January 06, 2011

As an alternative of "give", but it can also be used as "give me the/those".
Oi, giff snacks
Sure, bra'
by TheLinx May 13, 2009
the smell of a dirty penis. often a man with a giffin cock is easyly noticeable by the aroma of meat and potato pies comeing from his crotch
awwww man did you smell adams breath last night? it was a propa giff
by Shlongus The Pillager July 10, 2008
To make a fool of yourself or to make a balls up of somethin
You made a right giff of that!!!
by Lord Glenn April 12, 2008
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