Good In Bed
One who excels in the action of ruckus love making. (Eg. women who are paid to do so, horny italian women.)

The very deffinition is derived from one intoxicated night whilst in the company of one whome was attractive. After setting ones mind on the partner they then ensure that the other is also into the situation by engaging in "flirting". When one feels the time has come they wouldst then commence in following their basic instincts of jumping into their skivvies and sexing-it-up. But unlike any other intoxicated (or other-wise) hook up, this one particular incident with the G.I.B. would be most enjoyable, and would be remembered forever by the partner chosen on that fatefull night.



1590–1600; earlier pooby, appar. b. poop to befool (now obs.) and baby; ( def. 2 ) perh. by association with Sp bobo < L balbus stuttering

—Related forms

boo·by·ish, adjective
I hooked up with this guy last night, and let me tell you, he was so G.I.B.!
This girl last night.. man so G.I.B!
by Tayla, Vicki, and Jordan <3 August 17, 2010
Top Definition
1(n) of 3D computer games, a fragment esp. a gobbet of flesh resulting from total obliteration of a target usually by means of an explosion; giblet.
2(v trans.) to cause massive damage to a target, to the point of obliteration.

abbreviation from giblet.
"Spootonium gibbed amigdala"
by Spootonium October 10, 2004
GIB stands for "google it, bitch".
Nick: Hey guys! Did you know that Mary Kate and Ashley aren't identical twins
Ted and Mike: No way!
Nick: Yeah dude, GIB.
by emoney-duards August 07, 2012
bodypart (wich is not attached to a body), leftovers from a succesful hit by rocketlauncher (or similar weapon)
Omfg!!11!! There's gibbs everywhere!
by walruz March 15, 2003
When you are killed in a FPS game viciously, sometimes you get gibbed.
Gibs are pieces of corpse that fly around over the scene after a brutal death.
I just fragged that idiot with my rocket launcher, gibs flew all over the place.
by Bomba-clat, Rasta-Clat October 30, 2004
When the body is struck with such force it can no longer contain physical mass.
He was shot with a rail-gun and proceeded to gib, a mist of blood and body parts was all that remained.
by Prefax September 28, 2003
To 'gib' someone. lit: To change someone into giblets, usually by explosion. Not a good thing.
And then I gibbed him!
by Chelonaut February 07, 2003
To explode something with such force that pieces are flung randomly around the room.
:-man, i just blatted that guy with my flak cannon, look at the gib

;Jesus look at the gib i just got from that nade
by Ali the Punk November 11, 2004
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