A government funded breeding experiment; the best 6 weeks of life ever; several acronyms.
I just got back from GHP and I want to go back.

go-home-pregnant;georgia's horniest people
by veganpagan4 August 02, 2005
Top Definition
Stands for "Get Her Pumped"
This is an expression used when spot an attractive female, with whom you would like to get formally acquainted with. By that I mean get funky with. Lots.
"Who's she? GHP!"
"Get it puuuuumped!!!!!!"
#get it pumped #yeah #your mum #hawt #niiiiice!
by lubo25 January 22, 2009
Get Her/Him Pumped
Gary Allan will sort her out GHP.
#ghp #ride #garry allan #east kilbride #pumping #one ball #citizen dildo
by Pinknatcat1 December 21, 2014
Good Hard Pounding, good hard pound.
I cant wait to get a GHP from my husband.

He gave me the best GHP I have ever had.

That girl will GHP you like no tomorrow.
#rough sex #mind blowing #sex #to make love #fuck
by Luckyducky61 March 07, 2010
gay *hore pig
your mom is a ghp
#gay #whore #pig #dumbass #moron #loser #asshole #bitch #biatch #jerkoff
by ghp hater June 03, 2010

Thanks to the new phenomenal craze; "planking" the all new variation of the Northern Irish term (GHB) get her bucked has been born. It is now the new term and should be used by all.
It is the non chavy way of using the term and is used to edge your friends into having sex with someone.
Friend 1; "see that hot girl over there, i'm going to do her"
Friend 2; "go on lad, GHB!"
Me; "NO! douche bag! you are inferior as the term is actually 'GHP' (Get Her Planked) you bloody moron, go crawl into a corner and die."
"OH! and friend 1?"
Friend 1; "yes?"
Me; "Get Her Planked! (G.H.P.!)"
#planked #douche #phenomenal #sex #moron #chavy
by Deanb724 May 31, 2011
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