Grab my Groin
nerds like to gg each other dont they
by fag nuggets June 16, 2003
To defeat; to Win used occasionally in Warcraft3
My ghouls gg'ed his archers
by Duncan Gommerud November 23, 2003
A very attractive woman that likes to throw down and get sideways, also known as a (gg)good girl. Other letters can be added in front of gg to depict what kind of good girl, ie. cgg could mean cougar/crazy good girl or vgg which would be very good girl. Combinations are the users choice
So many gg's, so little time.

You should have seen the cgg that took me down last night, I have bite marks.

Dude, that dgg (dirty good girl) asked for it in the anoos, I had to say yes.

by headwater76 July 18, 2008
Abbreviation for "Good God." Used to declare dissatisfaction with the actions of a nub. Also can be used to show dissatisfaction with fellow players.
gg eos you're such a nub plant the bomb gg

gg eos sux with an ak
by Fashnek February 07, 2003
Something good
that movie was GG
by Stirls July 27, 2003
Good Girl
Hey your a GG
by jamesbond345 July 24, 2015
"Good Game" or "Girl Gamer"
Boy: Im a Gamer
Girl: Im a GG
by FancyDerp March 04, 2015

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