Used by students to express failure. Originating from "Good Game" of playing Online Games, students use "GG" (instead of "Game Over") to show that kind of "Oh-it's-the-end-of-the-world-but-who-cares" emotion.

Also Look Up: QED
Student A: Hey dude, how did you do on your Probablity test?
Student B: Oh I just GG-ed...
by LacusClyneXHaro May 21, 2005
Someone who is so incredibly obnoxious that they make one’s stomach turn (or make one ‘gag’). This type of person could have delusional tendencies, grandiose behavior, be a pathological liar, may have a tendency to exaggerate and alienate one’s friends.

If someone does or acts in such a behavior or displays this behavior one could be acting like a GG or doing a GG. Also, if one sees behavior that displays these qualities they could want to GG (gag due to seeing this particular type of behavior)

Lady #1: Oh, Carol is so mean! Did you see how she yelled at me like that? Lady #2: Girl, don’t you be pulling a GG on me, you know she didn’t yell!

John Doe: Did you meet Tom at the board meeting last night? I almost GG’d after listening to him go on and on about himself.
by Spencer O’Rielly October 24, 2008
niGGer or niGGa- this is a complement to a black man. It means he is straight up ballin and definitely has a large penis.
Tyrone Biggins is a true GG.
by Buttpirate March 06, 2007
GG = Golden Gamerz or Golden Gamers,depending on how you consider the type of gamer you are.
Golden meaning older gamer or gamerz depending on hat type of older gamer you are.
Golden is not your age ,its how long you played that Game.
Hey i played with you here so often LOL you must be a GG/golden gamer by now.
Trap wants to be a GG/Golden Gamer,hes had 15 kills without a death.
by [GG]sm0ke! July 08, 2006
The counter-strike or any other fps meaning good game.
I owned you the whole time, gg.
by Bon Chez April 15, 2003
means you completely pwnd the other team and r rubbing it in their faces
"i R 1337... gg"
"like yo bitch that wernt no gg"
by wench March 10, 2004
good god

mainly used at the end of the round/game as polite, or sarcastic remake indicating the person that pwned joo in da game got lucky
gg u r a fookin haxorz

gg nubs hax

gg ur mama
by warcraft November 27, 2003

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