get fucking wasted, drinking to the sun of dawn
tonight we are going to GFW it up!
by japaxican October 18, 2010
Top Definition
1. nouns. An acronym for Great Firewall, the nickname of The Golden Shield project, a censorship and surveillance project operated by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China (MPS).
2. verb. Block by Great Firewall.
"The GFW is watching you!"

"Oh my god, My website/blog is GFWed!"
by Calon August 07, 2007
Gross Fucking Weight:

The fattest person you'd do.

I'd love to lay bone on her.
No way man! She's way over my GFW.
by dysangel February 03, 2009
Short for Girlfriend/Fiance/Wife. A term used for a girlfriend whom you will be marrying, but have not yet married, or even proposed to (for whatever reason).

May be used simply to mean female-significant-other as well (since it covers a broad range of statuses).

Used in place of "my woman".
So, how's your GFW?
Good. Getting married in a couple months.
by Frostbain August 17, 2008
An acronym for Gun Fearing Wussies. Usually a political Liberal, hippy (former or current) or treehugger who believes that the cause of all violence is firearms (as opposed to the belief that violence is caused by violent people).
GFW's are usually the loudest in trying to outlaw ownership of personal weapons, as they believe that there is no reason to own a firearm.
My hippie neighbor Bob is a GFW. He thinks we should go hunting with flowers and that growing a vegetable garden is very manly.
He gave us a speech of how we should be spending more time saving baby whales and less time washing.
by McNostril August 03, 2005
Go For Win, to do something and really put your heart and soul into it to succeed.
"I met this beutiful girl last night, should I call her?"
"Yeah, GFW!"
by FreeSpace May 04, 2006
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