In the corporate world, "GFD" means Gone for the day.
Yo it's nice outside and I can't think no more. Tell boss I'm GFD.
by Underdog267 April 17, 2008
Top Definition
God Fucking Dammit
"GFD, I got herpes from that bitch"
by djm January 15, 2004
"God Fucking Damn-it!"
"Lmao thanks for pouring coffee over my tea, gfd"
by TheHazeFactory June 13, 2015
Grudge Fuck, Doggy Style
Even though I hated her, I was horny and had to give her a GFDS.
by Dave Karschnarpholous October 18, 2010
Grounds for dismissal in a relationship.
Dude, my girlfriend was taking a shit with the door open and I walked by. Total GFD!!
by Ryan.... December 29, 2007
Good From a Distance, A person of the opposite gender that looks appealing from a distance but when they get closer she turns out to be ugly.
Hey sam would you tap that?
Nah man she's GFD trust me.
by J o n a t h a n November 28, 2007
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