Gotta Chick Rolling (text talk)--equivalent to LOL (laugh out loud), GBR (gotta bitch rolling), GNR (Gotta Nigga Rolling), etc.
Texter 1: I just slipped on a banana peel!
Texter 2: GCR!
by PrincessR November 23, 2009
Top Definition
GCR = Gotta Cracka Rollin'

The white version of GNR.

Both used as a alternative to LOL, LMAO, LMFAO, and HAHA.
IM Conversation:

First: Have you seen the Hangover movie?

Second: Of course i have, it was hilarious GCR GCR the whole time.
by Capt_beard July 22, 2009
a gay chinese roommate
Gabe Wu

"GCR says up top!"
by Gabe's Friend April 08, 2005
V:Twitter Speak."Gotta Chica/Chick Rollin"
LOLZ that shit has GCR.
by BLuTink78 June 28, 2009
It means "Grissom/Catherine Relationship" and relates to the ship of these two CSI characters.
-Did you see "Inside the Box" yesterday?
-Yeah, that´s a great GCR episode
by gcr girl March 07, 2006
General Crotch Region
stay away from my G.C.R
by HAYDS July 07, 2014
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