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n. GEE - BOB (FAGBob; GAYBob; Fag; Homosexual)

Although similar to internet tough guy, GBob has some differences. A GBob, also commonly reffered to as a "GBoob" is a homosexual person who(male/female?), on the intenet, can talk down another person without realizing the consenquences of reality. In reality, a GBob is just a helpless less than 5'4" shy social outcast with absolutely no life who has a "big ford truck" to compensate for it's miniscule penis. Women live in fear of the creature.
Internet Conversation:

Gbob264: You stupid fag! I'm gonna kill you! day:

Gboob: *awkwardly quiet*
Jason(1337): Hey (anonomous), can I have some of your smashed up chips?
(anonomously 1337): *Hands Jason(1337) smashed up chips*
Jason(1337): *Fakes eating the chips and throws them directly at GBoob's face*
GBoob: *cries* teh tear oh em gee
by Sumorissa March 06, 2005
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