Gay black male (or alternately gay black man). GBM is not a pejorative and is used matter-of-factly.
This GBM in my English class does the best Rick James impersonations.
by fruit1 April 29, 2006
Top Definition
Gay Black Male. Popularized by the TV show The Simpsons, especially the episode "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer" where Homer Simpson answers a personal ad placed by the signature GBM.
Seeking companionship during cold lonely nights. Call GBM on 555-1234
by MrPumpernickel April 16, 2006
Gay Black Man or Gay Black Male. Not an insult - just a code word.
My GBM friend Darrel is on the down-low.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
An acronym for "Generic Business Men". Used to refer to the ubiquitous suit-and-tie sort that crowds restaurants around noon during the work week. Often travelling in groups, these creatures are easily identified by their nearly identical work uniforms, boisterous but insincere laughs, and alcohol breath.
"The Tavern was full of GBMs so went to ate at BJs Brewery"
by YourPseudonym99 March 08, 2013
ginger bread man
1) Can i have another GBM please?

2) I ate so many GBM's that i'm going to explode
by Pizzaface999 December 25, 2010
"Gay Bar Mike"

This is the name you give a friend who tends to do gay things whether it is going to gay clubs when he is straight or just dressing like a fag.
"Hey guys, lets go to a gay bar i hear thats where all the ladies hang these days."

"Man you are such a GBM"
by SHEEEEEEET July 13, 2006
A turd, a pooh, excrement, normally associated with athletes who GBM in the woods. Also a verb.
It smells like he has just GBM himself.
by King Isaac of New Mills August 04, 2006
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