Past jocks or rats who are friends with baseball players and football players, and they hang out at Grand Beach in Carlsbad. When GBL's get in fights with the SBL's(state beach locals,State Beach the surf rat&skate rat territory)the jocks back them up.
"the rats and GBL got in a fight last night,and one of them called the cops on the rats and and the rats got in trouble and GBL and the jocks got away with it"
"dude that fuckin blows.. fuck gbl"
#gbl #jocks #grand beach locals #faggots #fuck them
by nothingg June 25, 2007
Top Definition
Gambled But Lost: You think it's a fart, but it's not.
Dude! I just had a GBL. I need to go change my underwear AND my pants.
#fart #diarrhea #shit #crap #poop
by James Meeker September 16, 2006
Gamma-Butyrolactone. A precursor to GHB; it is converted to GHB upon entering the body. Usually in a dropper bottle and squirted into some type of liquid.
Yo who's got squirts? I'm down for some beee ellll(GBL).
#ghb #gbl #gamma #squirts #butyrolactone
by K-TROOPER August 27, 2006
Genuine Belly Laugh, Can be instead of LOL in times of extreme Hilarity
That was some funny Sh*t GBL, There will be lots of GBLs
#bbl #gbl #glb #genuine belly laugh #general belly laugh
by bigboybunsie October 06, 2010
Gut Busting Laughter: an alternative to LOL
Dude, I GBL'd at that epic fail!
#laughter #laughing #text laugh #acronym for laughing #laugh
by Ljk777 December 25, 2012
A ghetto belt loop. One that has detached from either the top or bottom but is still on the pair of pants.
"Dude check out that girls pants"-Ben T
"Haha ya nigga she got a GBL"- Ben K

#loop #belt #ghetto #detached #broken
by hahamaine March 04, 2009
"Green Blinking Lights" - synonym for network connectivity, named for the green blinking lights on routers, switches, NICs and other devices. When you have GBL, it's a good thing.
Woohooo, plugged in my new wifi router and got instant GBL.
#internet #connection #success #router #device
by MC Johnny P August 18, 2011
A accronym for gay bisexual and lesbian excluding the transexual community fro one reason or another
The GBL community now accepts being called gay rather then the transgendered community not wanting to be called trannies.
#gay #bi #les #lesbian #bisexual
by madasue September 18, 2006
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