Stands for Gay Best Friend. A term used for a gay mans gay best friend. You have can only have one and it is much more personal of a title then BFF. Most commonly used when a gay man finds a best friend that makes up the other half of his personality but could never be lovers, boyfriends, life partners, or husbands.
He is my GBF we could never be anything more or we would murder each other
by MAKURR87 November 25, 2008
Girls Best Friend- someone who hangs around girls, wanting more than just friendship but ultimately is nothing more than a shoulder to cry on. More often than not are virgins and are known to dob on cheaters and players in a feeble attempt to get some.
Brett: Why did you say that shit to Bec. You know it had nothing to do to you.

Harry: I swear I didn't say anything. You shouldn't treat girls like that anyway.

Brett: Your never going to be anything more than a GBF.
by fireone October 06, 2008
Generic Blonde Female. i.e. fit for purpose, but copies her looks from a magazine, and is devoid of any distinguishing features like a personality. Nothing to write home about. The opposite of "exotic", or "striking".
Nothing doing in the place. Just GBFs that left me hankering for some crazed goth bunny-boiler ...anything INTERESTING.
by Grant Fromage February 07, 2007
Gay Best Friend.
Hey I just set up my GBF with the cutest guy!
by Joglo March 18, 2015

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