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An abbreviation for the phrase, "Go and give oral," or "Go and give oral to..."
Marc: Mary, GAGO John.
Mary: ...why don't YOU GAGO John?
Mary: Pwnt.
by Violent Kiss July 27, 2009
20 96
A filipino slang for stupid or being an asshole.
Gago! Gago! Gago! (Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!)
by Shintaro Go April 03, 2004
429 63
An ancient, obsolete term for the head of the penis.
Kinagat ng babaylan ang gago ng datu.
by Fernando Gago March 27, 2007
162 158
Puertorican slang for stutterer.
Hey kid are you a gago?
W-w-w-hy y-y-yes i-i-ii am.
by xj0eyx November 18, 2010
27 56
The abreviated version of "Getting a good one" a.k.a. really great sex.
Last night I gagoed from my girlfriend.
by Lil Willi February 22, 2010
22 88