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The Canadian born South Korean singer currently under Cube Entertainment. She is well known for her great looks and beautiful singing voice. She is fluent in also English and is very popular throughout the world.
Person A: Wow, who is that hot, but equally talented singer in that video?
Person B: That's G.NA of course!
by 지나 화이팅 March 23, 2011
Grammar Nazi Association; Members are usually very annoying; has lots of members among internet chat rooms and threads
Dude: ur muther ees stuuuuuuuuuupid
GNA member: You have misspelled "Your mother is stupid". The GNA strikes again!
by Fnoog September 27, 2009
Greater North American Perfect Ring-Out. In certain tournament video games, it refers to a tactic by which one player completely avoids being hit by their opponent, and also knocks them completely out of the ring. Compare to the LNA- the Lesser North American Perfect Ring-out, in which the above happens, but the winning player takes damage which is subsequently healed before the finishing maneuver.
That guy kept talking about how good he was, but I wound up getting a GNA on him.

If you keep up the trash-talk, I'll perform a GNA on you.
by Obonky June 10, 2011
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