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Originated as a response to the emo fagots who constantly feel the need to write and tell everybody about their feelings. If you have a journal, then we're talking to you! But they respond "You don't know how it is" or "You don't know what it's like." I say "Give me a fuckin' break! NOBODY CARES!" Keep it to yourselves, it's not that bad, this means you OWL CITY! Get out of your mama's basement and get some fuckin' sun. The term "Give me a fuckin' break!" has since evolved from this early usage, it now is used as a common response for anyone bitching for no apparent legitimate reason.
Statement- "My life stinks, the world is against me. :("
Response- "Give me a fuckin' break!"

Subject- The movie Twilight.
Response- "Give me a fuckin' break!"

Action- Emo kid wearing jeans tighter than Daisy Duke.
Response- "Give me a fuckin' break!"

The uses for G.M.A.F.B. (Give me a fuckin' break!) are endless!
by Orenthal James June 03, 2010