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Having ingested enough GHB to put one in a trance-like, semi-aquatic state of disillusioned unresponsiveness as if one had fallen into a hole and could not get out.
Johnny had fed the hooker so much G that she was fishing out on the floor, deep inside a G-hole.
#g #ghb #purple hooter #fishing out #date rape
by SONOFNIP August 02, 2006
An A-hole, only gayer.
That dude in the sauna whipped the towel off his boner right in my face - what a G-hole!

Some G-hole just lined the glory hole with sand paper!
#a-hole #asshole #gloryhole #jagoff #jerkwad #d-bag
by Shalomey November 15, 2011
A magical place
Holy crap our luck has turned I found a G Hole.
#fun hole #place of wonder #ghole #heaven #risky but worth it
by 2bnamedlater February 10, 2014
Also Graven Hole

The derogatory term for a small northern Ontario town Called Gravenhurst.
Jane: Wow, this place is so boring. There is nothing to do but get drunk and do stupid sh*t
John: Welcome to G Hole.
#gravenhurst #graven #hurst #graven hole #g #graven hurst #northern ontario #north ontario
by Fr34kz December 01, 2011
Referred to as the hole formed by crossing your right or left leg over your other knee forming a triangular like hole.

Commonly assossiated with a Hacky Sack being kicked and passing through the leg hole of the other individual.
Dan: "Dammit! G Hole...."

Chris: "Thats what you get for sucking at Hacky Sack"
#key hole #fail #hacky sack #g-hole #rls
by HackyChan August 30, 2010
Slang noun: A mental state that video or MMORP game players enter that has them play a game for several hours ignoring all other responsibilties except food, work( if applicable), or bodily functions.
"Where is Dave?" "He's at home in the G-hole."
" You comin' out tonite?" " Nah. Im in the G-hole tonite."
#gwhole #g-whole #ghole #zone-g #zoneg
by mjReal November 16, 2006
When someone has taken too much of a drug Ghb and it makes them sleep (go on concious)
They normally go in and out of consciousness and its this that is them going into a g hole. Probably derived from K hole.
Oh hes not dead hes just in a g hole ;)
#unconscious #stumbling #overdose #over done it #k hole
by Kevin aka patsy October 26, 2006
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