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1. Also known as "Gloria Vat"
2. It's a Value Added Tax of the former President of the Philippines - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Mostly the victim of the said tax are the middle class citizen in the Philippines. 30% of their monthly salary have to go to the pocket of government officials also known as stolen money. Elite class and Squatter class is not suffering from this kind of anomaly.
Man 1: Bro, how much is your monthly salary and how much is your tax?

Man 2: Well, my monthly salary is 10,000 Php but my monthly tax is 5,245.

Man 1: How come?

Man 2: There's G-Vat, SSS, pag-ibig, philhealth deductions and all the scamming tactics of corrupt people in the Philippines.
by josérizal October 02, 2010
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