A G-Shot is when two people are having a simultaneous/synchronous orgasm. A G-Shot is among the best sexual moments, and can be achieved by straight, gay or lesbian couples. It requires true love to get a G-Shot, and it cannot be faked.
Guy: "I am cumming..."
Woman: "Don't stop now!"
Both: "G-Shot"
by giotto June 16, 2013
Top Definition
A sexy naked picture that somone you know takes of themselves for you, usually in sexy positions and or lingirie. (Local slang in Chicago.)
Hey, mija, I been locked up for 9 months already. Send me some G-Shots.

Hey bro, check out these G-Shots that this fi-fi sent to my phone!
by Bizy Boy 21st & Oakkley July 16, 2011
the act of no scoping with a sniper while moving the barrel upward, in the call of duty series!
Boom! G Shot.......BITCH!!!!
by TheChad003 August 25, 2010
to no scope somebody on a first person shooter, a call of duty 4 god.
G-shot is to no scope.

i just G-shot you, owned.
by I sema I January 16, 2009
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