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the whitetrash that come into my work
"Evening grents!" "uhrrr?.." "I said 'eneving gents'..." (concealed laughter)
by Furious D September 25, 2003
Slang term for Grandparents!
Yesterday I had to help the G-rents cross the street.
by GhettoDiva June 06, 2005
a short way of saying grandparents. also can be pronounced grental. and can be used for parents by saying rents or rentals.
person 1: dude where were you tonight?

person 2: i was at my grents... it was so gay
by ghsk September 22, 2006
Short for 'grandparents', as 'rents' is short for parents.
Can't wait to see the grents this weekend.
by anon727 May 04, 2013