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Slang term for Grandparents!
Yesterday I had to help the G-rents cross the street.
by GhettoDiva June 06, 2005
13 4
a short way of saying grandparents. also can be pronounced grental. and can be used for parents by saying rents or rentals.
person 1: dude where were you tonight?

person 2: i was at my grents... it was so gay
by ghsk September 22, 2006
7 5
Short for 'grandparents', as 'rents' is short for parents.
Can't wait to see the grents this weekend.
by anon727 May 04, 2013
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the whitetrash that come into my work
"Evening grents!" "uhrrr?.." "I said 'eneving gents'..." (concealed laughter)
by Furious D September 25, 2003
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