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most widely accepted as the strongest strain of weed out there. was originally bred by the U.S Government by breeding all the best strains available. Pure G-13 is about 28% THC and is impossible to find in seed form ( new developments in feminized seeds may have made it possible to get actual G-13 seeds). Said to be a pure indica, G-13 is truly a miracle of cannabis genetics
This shit is top of the line. It's called G-13.
by circlesect February 21, 2007
g-> Goverment, 13> m the 13'th letter in the alphabet which is short for maryjane, also know as mr. nice
my g-13 seeds just came in! im gona have the sik'est pot in town..
by flynigger February 07, 2004
The dankest pot ever made. It was made by the government. A plant was stolen once and spliced with another strain, that is the closest potency you can get to g-13.
I wish I had some g-13 so I could get really fucked up
by me March 24, 2003
A strain of marijuana named by the movie, "American Beauty". This particular strain has never been proven to actually exist. Supposedly it was created for medicinal patients by the U.S. government but anyone who knows anything about the U.S. governemnt knows that they don't provide dank weed for their patients. It's all schwag. People who claim to have smoked this stuff lied to you.
"This is G-13, genetically engineered by the U.S. government". "Is that the stuff we smoked last night?" "This is all I ever smoke." "How much?" "Two grand."
by Phillip Glass April 04, 2006
somthing secrete only known by a select few.
hey man keep that shit about your mom is g-13 keep it on the down low!!
by kain April 05, 2003
a strain of marijuana engineered by the u.s. millitary. it is a combination of over 200 different strains from around the world. it gets its legendary name from its 13% THC content
i am so baked on this g-13...... i have no idea whats going on right now.
by god October 13, 2003