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To generically and slangy explain what the "gangster" is doing, wearing, saying, or with.
Yo - what is Andre wearing? Don't sweat it, it’s a "G Thang".

What were you doing with those hoodlums last night? None of your business fool....It was a "G Thang".
by Mr. Crumby January 11, 2006
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"gansta" thang, way of life, something a "gansta" does.
"aint nothin but a G THANG baby!"
by sloggy October 01, 2003
Good thing. This dates back to 340 BC, when Aristotle was tutoring Alexander the Great. Aristotle was telling Alexander of how he locked in a great mortgage rate on his new villa, when Aristotle uttered the phrase, "ain't nothing but a good thing". Alexander the Great misheard Aristotle but thought the phrase was fantastic and continued to use it almost daily in his rulings of Ancient Greece.
When asked how it felt to be undefeated in battle, Alexander the Great replied, "ain't nothin but a g thang"
by DennysBennys April 02, 2015
A Thang that is involved with da' homies...such as bling bling or big ass.
Look at 'Teischa's G Thang

Dun wurry man, aint nuttin but a g thang.
by Yo Mama's Pork March 26, 2004
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