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The legendary footballer-soccer player-culinary giant-goat breeder-come born again Rabbi, - Washington G'Bendo.

Hailing from Kinshasa, DR Congo, and now residing in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. G'Bendo is an elusive soul, only coming out when the time feels right. Usually, this is on a Tuesday, after Leno has finished.

From a young age G'Bendo excelled in sports, crafts, arts and scrabble. He emits an aura of calm, in a panicked manner, and women are impregnated by his very smell.

He is known for his Dreadlocks, large sunglasses and Plaid shirts.

Also a way of describing a series of epic events, usually involving alcohol consumption.
You've been G'Bendo'd. I've been G'Bendo'd.

For Example: "I just wanna be G'Bendo'd"

"I G'Bendo'd a man in Reno, just to watch him die."
by Nella Neb March 22, 2010
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