Short for gangsta. Used to express the kickassitude of a person or action. Also can be used as a greeting.
What up G? -or-
That was G yo. -or-
OG = Original Gangsta
by Lindstar April 13, 2005
short for glass (tweak, Meth, Devil Food)
You Gettin That 8-Ball of g
by MACaroni420 April 25, 2003
great, amazing
That party was G.
by Snoosy January 18, 2003
short term for Gaffle.
or to steal
Ol dude left his doors unlocked so i decided to break in and g all of his stuff.
by Justice October 15, 2002
Euphemism for Penis.
"oh man, he had his g in his hands"
"seriously his g was right there, I could see it"
"mum my g hurts"
by Phil Barclay December 31, 2007
short for gansta, G can be used as and adjective to refer to something that is gangsta, ghetto, or otherwise cool
that's a G cadillac you be rockin
by Fatass December 23, 2004
a very good friend of mine and if u bereading this ure a gronk
hey theres "G"
by wouldnt u like to know October 21, 2003

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