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Fuck Your Face Bitch: exactly what it says. Much more harsh than the likes of 'fuck you' or 'mother fucker' this is the ultimate fuck you right in your face bitch.
When you're angry with someone you may say 'FYFB' rather than swearing. It's an child safe acronym.
by Cheerbunnie December 09, 2008
19 3
Fuck you, Facebook
I hate that all my comments are now automatically quoted on my Wall, and I have to go and delete them. FYFB!
by vulgarboatman December 11, 2010
6 1
Fuck your facebook status.
Fyfbs: when you dislike a facebook status so bad that you wanna spit on your computer screen!
by Mohamed ALMAHDY September 11, 2011
1 1
Fuck you fat bitch
"you sorry ass nigga"girl said
"fyfb"boy said
by tata94 August 05, 2011
1 1