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The sound of poo hitting the wall.
When the monkey flung his poo it made a big FWOP against it's cage
by Gozz June 27, 2011
(Prounounced f-wop)

A fwop is a wayward section of hair that flaps on someone's forehead, seperate from the rest of the hair. Usually occurs with older men who have fairly long,shaggy hair - even though they are slightly balding.
Example: " Man, that old guy's fwop drives me insane. I just wanna go over there and comb it back. "
by One_less_fool February 11, 2010
F.W.O.P - Acronym for Friend With Occasional Penetration; similar to friends with benefits; more often used by males to describe relations with female friends
"My FWOP is coming over before the big football game"; "'Hey Jack, are you dating Jill' 'No, she is just a FWOP'"
by KKG55 March 01, 2006
To pass out or die while at the computer. Supposedly because when one's head hits the keyboard it goes "fwop!" The equivalent expression in French is "fuaup" (infinitive: fuaupir).
He searched the web until he fwoped.
Too much data input will cause you to fwop.
Que nous ne fuaupissions pas!
by David Solly March 17, 2004
pronounced F-WOP
Acronym of "First World Problems". A mundane situation that a person living in an industrial society undergoes, that less fortunate (third-world) people cannot experience.
#1. Dammit! My iPhone just broke.
#2. Yo, starving Ethiopians don't have iPhones.
#1. FWOP
by InShaneMagic September 05, 2012
A booty of great proportion, shape, or size.(usually said when one is impressed with the ass of another.) used to show sexual interest of someone or admire one backside.
Look sir, she gotta nice FWOP!!!
by createdbyme October 26, 2015
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