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The sound of poo hitting the wall.
When the monkey flung his poo it made a big FWOP against it's cage
by Gozz June 27, 2011
5 2
(Prounounced f-wop)

A fwop is a wayward section of hair that flaps on someone's forehead, seperate from the rest of the hair. Usually occurs with older men who have fairly long,shaggy hair - even though they are slightly balding.
Example: " Man, that old guy's fwop drives me insane. I just wanna go over there and comb it back. "
by One_less_fool February 11, 2010
4 2
To pass out or die while at the computer. Supposedly because when one's head hits the keyboard it goes "fwop!" The equivalent expression in French is "fuaup" (infinitive: fuaupir).
He searched the web until he fwoped.
Too much data input will cause you to fwop.
Que nous ne fuaupissions pas!
by David Solly March 17, 2004
6 5
pronounced F-WOP
Acronym of "First World Problems". A mundane situation that a person living in an industrial society undergoes, that less fortunate (third-world) people cannot experience.
#1. Dammit! My iPhone just broke.
#2. Yo, starving Ethiopians don't have iPhones.
#1. FWOP
by InShaneMagic September 05, 2012
0 0
F.W.O.P - Acronym for Friend With Occasional Penetration; similar to friends with benefits; more often used by males to describe relations with female friends
"My FWOP is coming over before the big football game"; "'Hey Jack, are you dating Jill' 'No, she is just a FWOP'"
by KKG55 March 01, 2006
7 7