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1. The colloquial term for the integer 35. The word is derived from 'twenty' and 'fifty' averaged together.

2. An interjection used to describe one's appalled reaction to the behaviour of another person.

3. Also commonly used to react to an unrelated comment made by a peer. The inherent unrelatedness of 'fwenty' to the conversation (lest it be about mathematics or integers) usually is an insult to the peer that has made the unrelated comment.

4. A spanish false cognate is 'fuente' meaning source, or river.
Fue en ti, meaning 'I went in you' is also a humorous false cognate.
1. "Happy fwenty'th birthday! You're halfway to 70."

2. "I'm so angry, I'm literally going to kill him"

3. "Does anyone else want to make a comment about the detereorating nature of American society?"
"I think that we should track down those terrorists once and for all."
"I agree. Thirty plus five also equals fwenty."

4. Busquemos para el fuente del Amazon.
by mistel March 11, 2009

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