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Intentional mispronunciation of the word French, to conjure the notion of an effeminate and decadent culture. Possibly derived from the satiric faux French accent spoken by Michael Palin’s characters in various Monty Python skits.
The Fwench finally got a clue, of sorts, and elected a President that sees friendship with the U.S. as a good thing.
by (I am) John Doe February 01, 2008
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Usually used to describe a French immagrant, especially one with a thick French accent. This word is often used in a mocking tone to insult a Frenchman behind his back, but some people might even say this word right to a Frenchmans face.
To a Frenchmans face: "Oh ho! So I hear you are Fwench! I am also Fwench!"

Behind Frenchmans back: "Did you meat Zjhok yet?" "No, but it sounds Fwench."
by Corbyn, Fool October 25, 2005
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Sophie is such a fwench. I think she did a summer abroad in Aberdeen.
by Fraggle Max February 17, 2008
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