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Definition 1: (noun) - A creature from a distant planet who is known quite well to portray signs of egotism, communism, and George Carlin's 7 Dirty Words. Often portrayed with an evil grin and his father, "Old Boar," portrays a lightning bolt across his brain. Fweeg is a fictional comic character just recently released in local magazines across areas of Idaho and Connecticut.

Definition 2: (noun) Also a Fweeg can mean the act of being a Fweeg; the act of doing something hideously funny; often used as a derogatory term.
"hey man what you reading?"
"The power of the Fweeg!"
"Oh that's so sick bro!"

"Hey did you do your homework?"
"No I was too busy being a fweeg."
by FweegMachine421 October 03, 2011
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