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Interjection (main pronunciation: fwuh'-pah-yuh; also: fwuh'-pah-yoh, woo'-pah-yoh)

- Most often used to denote someone's being "burned", "owned", or otherwise publicly humiliated. (Ex. - Then Tim knocked his annoying little brother Jason from his bike with a "Fwapaya!")


- Also (seldom) used to describe the most appealing order of features in the opposite sex. (Ex. - "Damn, that girl Bethany's booty was like... fwapaya!")


- Also used to indicate a miraculous final move/killing blow. (Ex. - As the languishing Rick Rude lay wincing in pain, the illustrious Hulkster climbed the turnbuckle, preparing for the final fwapaya!)
Examples of "Fwapaya" listed with definitions for cohesion's sake.
by Michael R. Holt April 20, 2006
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