A more polite way to say fucking. Often used by emos or punks.
I fuxing hate theses high gas prices.
by Straka July 29, 2008
Top Definition
A way of saying fucking so that adults or superiors do not get angry.
Sammy is so fuxing amazing!
by Dr.J Will. May 19, 2010
When someone tries to fix something but makes it worse in the process
Sam spent all day thinking he was repairing his car but really he made it worse, we asked if he was "Fuxing " it or fixing it.....we all knew him too well and everything he tries to fix he really fuxing it
by Reece T April 23, 2015
A mortgage lender’s claim that they didn’t receive a fax from a customer, in an attempt to ignore the customer’s request for assistance or loan modificaiton.
I have sent the loan documents seven times , but Bank of america still claims they didn’t receive my information, they are just fuxing with me.
by mortgage coach October 13, 2011
The act of sweet love making in an intense sexual manner (commonly observed sexual behavior found in rabbits, squirrels and several species of primate), where at least one female and one male are involved.
Let the fuxing begin!
by undonthavethis03 July 28, 2008
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