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Noun; the actions and tendencies of American corporate middle-management that bore, infuriate, enrage, dismay, constern, and disgruntle their underlings, peers and associates by dint of their pointless frippery, moronic mis-comprehension, appalling ignorance of relevant facts and mitigation circumstances, tenuous ( at best ) grasp of the dynamics of human interaction and social behaviors; and that cause reactions ranging from benign, bored amusement, through such phases as muttering discontent and heated breakroom hissing of acidic commentary, through stunned disbelief and barely contained rage. Finally topping off at heights including coffee-pot urinating hijinx, tire slashing hooliganism, sugar-in-the-gas-tank shenanigans and ultimately, culminating in demented office-park massacres, ala the film, God Bless America. Often because middle management seems to arise from America's burgeoning "Idiocracy" and the general confederacy of dunces.
Phil's non-stop futt-buckery in that last company-wide meeting nearly caused me to have to immediately sign him up for membership in NAMBLA's email newsletter. Whether or not I make it a point to set a rule in his Outlook to auto-forward the newsletter emails he gets from them to the entire company remains to be seen...
by Barry McOckinya February 24, 2013

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