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A front butt, usually found on fat people. When a person's stomach/genital area sticks out as far/further than their butt.
*while some dudes were at a water park*

Dude 1: duuuude what is that?!?!

Dude 2: WHAT HUH WHAT?!?!

Dude 3: dudes that's a futt. now get over it and stop looking at fat girls.
by DrayDero2 August 22, 2010
A front butt. When a person's front and back of their midsection cannot be distinguished other than the position of their beltbuckle.
Did you see that chick he went home with last night? Yeah she was huge and had a futt.
by SB1022 July 15, 2006
Acronym for a very famous internet community called "Feet Under The Table", aimed to those whom enjoy playing (with their partner) with feet under the table in public places. Founded 26th July of 2001 by Nyllover, on Yahoo Groups, it then expanded to its own site and forum. FUTT because a very common word to refer to that community, as the name was a bit too long.
I've seen it on FUTT.

He shared them on FUTT.
by Nyllover April 12, 2013
another way of saying fuck, but cleaner.
what the futt are you doing
by jubbymon October 27, 2008
A flatus. Usually one that sounds like "FFTTT". Often heard from Dydoo.
(Someone emits a FFTTT sound from their butt)
Dydoo: Hahaha did Vishpoo futt?
Deemdoo: Hahahahahahaaha yup he futted in his sleep!
by Deemdoo August 01, 2007
when you fuck a butt so hard it turns red and starts to bleed
i gave josaline a futt last night
by plastic mailbox April 27, 2009
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