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to tweak, fiddle or mess around with
"i futered with the radio and found a fucked up station"

"stop it ye futurin' bastard"
by gerald fawcett February 22, 2008
18 8
The most popular meme in the Flood. Honestly, everyone loves it. It's better than Porch Day.
OP says:"Should I get a porch in the futer?"

Everyone else:"GTFO"
by Big Baph June 29, 2011
33 8
A poorly spelled word for "Future". Used to make the original poster in a forum sound stupid.
yea like that will happen in the futer.
by victoryian June 28, 2011
16 6
A Futer is someone who plays Ultimate Team on fifa 12.
They are generally addicted to the game and have a great team.
Twan : I won like 10 matches in a row last night playing head to head online. How'd you go?
Bade : Well im a Futer so I didn't play any head to head but I used my beast team against someone with a bad team... And I still managed to lose.
by TwainyJaime October 30, 2011
6 5
To toy with, jiggle or rub. Also, genital frottage.
"Any chance of an aul' futer?"
"Dekky, quit futerin' with yerself."
by Piano Dentist September 15, 2004
14 17